who is gray?
no, not that gentleman
nor the doctor.

gray is a non-color,
is neutral,
it is not black nor white.

gray has a bad reputation.
gray is the hair you notice in the mirror when you turn 30.
it’s wrong and right all at once,
gray is yes and no, and yes again, or maybe not.
the last picked crayon in the box -it is gray.
gray is the sky before the rain and the ash after a fire.
the limbo,
gray is hanging in the balance,
and the what-ifs we ask yourselves before we fall asleep at night.

gray is part of my life. and yours. gray is real.
and now I’m determinate to see gray in a different light.
gray is more than you know,…gray.
gray is positive, different, modern and what I always dreamed of.
gray is about the Light and souls, the memories and good times we share.

not a rainbow and still, not just black and white photos.
gray is about people, motherhood, and moments in time,
Christmas parties and endless summers, that’s Gray.
gray is the cry of a newborn,
the tears of a bride, the missing teeth of a kid’s smile, the stories you want to tell, over and over again.

gray is a law school graduate and an artist,
married young and still crazy in love with the same guy
gray is being a mom and a businesswoman
gray is both a self-taught and ”go, get a diploma in photography” kind of girl
gray is shooting for more than 3 years and nevertheless creative and passionated
gray is located in Timisoara but thrilled to see the world thru the lens


I’m Raluca and GRAY is me!

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